Local colleges say the key to a move by President Obama to rein in college debt is to get more students aware of the action.
    Five million young Americans got good news on June 9 when the president announced an executive order expanding the Pay as You Earn program. PAYE is a voluntary college loan repayment program that limits the debtor’s monthly payments to no more than 10 percent of their discretionary income for 20 years.

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Pg01 the road aheadIllinois Business Journal photo

Trucks pass each other at the Illinois Route 255 southbound merger ramp leading from Gateway Commerce Center in Edwardsville.

Resignation clouds plans for IDOT

Pg01 schneiderSchneider    The sudden resignation of the head of the Illinois Department of Transportation, coming even as she was planning for massive revamps at the agency, puts plans for the department into question.
    Ann L. Schneider’s resignation was announced June 30 after longtime anti-patronage crusader Michael Shakman called for a federal judge to order an investigation into government hiring following a Better Government Association probe that revealed Schneider’s stepdaughter had been put on the payroll and promoted at the agency, according to the Chicago Sun Times.

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    Baby boomer business owners are beating a path to the retirement door, and it’s causing a surge of interest in the field of succession planning.
    Attorneys who specialize in estate work are seeing or expecting to see a marked upswing in clients wanting to transition from active owner to retiree. The national trend suggests some 60 percent of small businesses are going to be affected in the next few years.

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Federal judge appoints Alton attorney interim co-lead for AIG fraud lawsuits

    ST. LOUIS — A federal judge has appointed Simmons Firm Shareholder Derek Brandt as interim co-lead class counsel in a pending national multidistrict litigation proceeding against AIG, its subsidiary companies and former CEO Maurice Greenberg.