The Tri-City Regional Port Authority is seeking to expand its territory and change its name in the process.
IBJ May14 Page 01 Image 0002    Senate Bill 499, sponsored by Sen. Bill Haine, D-Alton, would create America’s Central Port District. It passed out of the state Senate April 7 and by month’s end was pending before the House Rules Committee with Rep. Dan Beiser, D-Alton, as the chief sponsor.


IBJ May14 Page 01 Image 0003    Dury Estes stood out among others walking the aisles at a recent college job fair. Outfitted in a nice suit coat, tie and slacks, he looked dressed for success — and was hoping to find it.
    Ever since he was “let go” at a medical records facility he’s had a rough four and a half months, searching for the next job.
    “I’ve got a folder full of rejections,” said the Wood River man. “I’ve probably applied to about 40 places.”


Market-Fresh-logo    ALTON — An unusual threefold plan to build on local business will kick off this month with the launch of a long-planned food hub project in Alton.


Simmons case leads to settlement offer for residents near Bridgeton Landfill

Settlement requires landfill owners to pay residents most impacted by putrid odor nearly $7 million

    ST. LOUIS – A federal magistrate judge gave preliminary approval to a settlement that will require the owners of the Bridgeton Sanitary Landfill to pay residents living near the site nearly $7 million. The class action lawsuit that prompted the settlement alleged lost property value and public nuisance caused by the overwhelming and noxious odors released from an underground fire in the depths of the landfill. Notification will go out immediately to residents of three neighborhoods closest to the landfill who will have a choice to accept or reject their portion of the settlement.